Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bangkok Observations

Well I'm flying back to London later tonight after three days spent in Bangkok. Having stayed here a few days the city has it good and bad points though it has certainly been an experience. The hotel I stayed in was the Prince Palace and I have to say it is the best of all the four hotels I have stayed in this holiday. It is slightly away from the main tourist haunts in Bangkok though many are within walking distance and I have certainly got a great deal of exercise the past few days. The taxis here are incredibly cheap(about 80p per ride) though I have walked out of a few when one refused to put a meter on(always a sign of a scam), I have also avoided the tuk-tuks out here though more from the perspective that the pollution out here is pretty awful, it seems to have very few standards when it come to emissions.

Having been to all the sights including the Grand Palace, Wat Po(recling buddy), the National Museum and today Jim Thompson's House, I have to say Wat Po was the most impressive. Currently I write this in an Internet cafe in Thanon Khao Sam which is the main tourist spot and has a great atmosphere at night(and well away from the sleazy part of town in Patpong).

What I have also noticed is that the King and Queen are revered here, you cannot not go down any street without seeing their picture. With the King celebrating 60 years on the throne decorations are everywhere. In most place their pictures are also on display. The country seems to be suffering no repercussions from the recent coup and the place is pretty stable.

Like the other cities I have visited it is a changing place, while you can see a large amount of poverty out here it is clear that things are starting to improve here though inequalities are plain to see.

Anyway I have a long night ahead as I'm flying via Dubai(changing planes) and hit London just before lunchtime tomorrow(assuming I get no delays or my connection is missed which can happen). When I get back I have a huge amount of Council work to catch up(skimming my Merton webmail plenty is happening) and will be posting some interesting info when I get over the jetlag(hopefully it will not be too bad) Been a tiring last twelve days but enjoyable.


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