Sunday, September 17, 2006

The week ahead

Well the week ahead for me is likely to be very busy with the Merton cabinet meeting tomorrow night (with some interesting issues on the agenda that I will no doubt comment further on). On Wednesday, a full Council meeting takes place in Merton, which will no doubt provide another blog entry along with the latest antics of the minority Tory administration.

The other two nights is taken up with Neighbourhood Governance taskforce meetings. This week we are meeting Leader of the Council David Williams and Labour Group leader Andrew Judge. This is an on-going review looking into neighbourhood governance issues in the Borough, their current effectiveness and how they could be improved taking into account the Government agenda on neighbourhood governance that is likely to feature heavily in the forthcoming white paper. On the taskforce is Merton Park Resident Councillor Peter Southgate who is Chairing and Conservative Councillor Henry Nelless. The taskforce will be going to all the area forums in November and we will be consulting with relevant organisations across the Borough over the next few weeks. The taskforce has already met on a number of occasions and the meetings have been constructive and interesting, it is hoped that interim recommendations will be produced by the end of November.

At the end of the week I am off to Labour Party Conference in Manchester, this year should be a lively occasion with it being Tony Blair’s last Conference as leader. Having missed Conference last year for the first time in years (a combination of jury service and licensing committee commitments) it should be a lively event. Contrary to media reports in certain sectors of the media, I believe the Conference will be constructive and not the bloodbath that is being portrayed by some. I hope that I’ll also get the opportunity of blogging Conference as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a disillusioned ex-Labour Party supporter , I welcome this posting and the previous one. You have avoided, mostly, the jeering comments which the average layman and voter finds so off-putting. You have, by and large and in these two posts, concentrated on real issues and stuck to facts rather than name-calling. You obviously care about the community and are not merely in politics for self glorification.

8:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so is it a scrutiny taskforce?

1:06 am  
Blogger Martin Whelton said...

Yes as we have a specific task to carry out.

9:47 am  

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