Sunday, September 24, 2006

Labour Party Conference Manchester

I've now been in Manchester for the past day and despite what is been said by people the atmosphere up here is pretty positive and at two receptions I attended last night Tony Blair had a tremendous reception.

On the way in to Conference today, I was accosted by a reporter from the BBC who of course was looking for a divisive story on the Conference(have they have not got anything better to do??) and my view on the motions that were ruled out of order about the leadership. I told him that it was right to rule out the motion calling for a leadership debate as it would have been divisive, and that the Prime Minister has personally made his position quite clear on the matter. The party does need to move on and talk about policy and not personalities. My contribution may or may not get reported, I suspect the latter though no doubt he will get others to oblige with what he wants to hear.

The venue of the conference Manchester has undergone a huge amount of regeneration over the past ten years and is a revitalization city. A huge amount of regeneration is ongoing and it is a really vibrant and happening city. Anyway that is all for now and hopefully I will get another opportunity to update the blog soon.


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