Sunday, August 20, 2006

V for Vendetta and American Dreamz fim review

Over the weekend, I have watched two films with a political connection. The first was V for Vendetta, which stars Natalie Portman, Stephen Fry and John Hurt. The film is effectively a political satire based on a plot to blow up Parliament on 5th November. The film is set in 2038 Britain where the ultra-conservative Norsefire party has pursued a reactionary purge since coming to power and is committed to restore order following a series of terrorist events, which led to the loss of over 100, ooo lives in a bio-terrorist incident (which they were actually behind). With all opposition silenced, their High Chancellor Adam Sutler played by John Hurt has led a totalitarian government that has restricted freedom and created a totalitarian state.

A vigilante V who wears a Guy Fawkes mask was a political dissident who instead of being killed at the notorious Larkhill torture centre survived with a vow to take revenge against the regime. This involves the spectacular scenes at the beginning where the Old Bailey is blown up and subsequent missions including further explosions and the murder of prominent regime supporters. He is joined in his mission by Evey who is played by Natalie Portman who has lost her parents because they were opponents of the regime.
The regime corruption eventually comes to light and the people rise up as they realise the Government has been misleading them and the film ends with them all wearing Guy Fawkes masks and Parliament been blown up by a tube train under Parliament.

I would recommend watching the film, but subliminal messages are in the film that is trying to relate the post 911 world as an excuse for Government to introduce further laws curbing freedom (which they are not) which if not curbed by the people will eventually lead to a state as outlined in this film.

The other film, American Dreamz had to be one of the funniest films I have watched in ages. The film stars Hugh Grant who plays Martin Tweed host of an X factor type show which is the US top TV show. The show stars a sleeper terrorist Omar from the Middle East who comes to the States from a training camp for the purposes of activation on a terrorist mission. In a series of incidents, he ends up getting to the final of American Dreamz where an opportunity will exist to blow up the President who will be a guest judge. The film also stars an Ohio girl Sally who cynically gets back together with her wounded ex-boyfriend who is an injured Iraq veteran. Within the film, the US President is played by Dennis Quaid and is clearly based on George Bush. The President is prone to gaffs when he speaks and in the film ends up having an earpiece and saying verbatim what is said to him through his earpiece by a Dick Cheney look alike who is also his Chief of Staff. Incidentally, in real life it was rumoured that George Bush has used an earpiece at events.

In the final itself, just before Omar goes on stage with his suicide bomb, he decides not to go ahead with his mission. The active bomb is discarded the toilet. This is then found by Sally's boyfriend who shortly before the show saw her having an intimate session with Martin Tweed and wants to get revenge as he had planned to propose to her on stage. The film ends with him eventually activating the discarded bomb and blowing himself and Martin Tweed up (the rest escape before it goes off). The whole film is effectively a satire of reality programmes and politics. While the film has some serious messages it had to be one of the best films I have watched in ages and a great deal lighter then V for Vendetta, if you want a few laughs this is a great film to watch.


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