Monday, August 07, 2006

Tories snub Mitcham

Well it looks like the phrase 'putting you first' does not apply to the residents of Mitcham. Anyway, I enclose a press release from my colleague Stephen Alambritas about the latest antics of the minority Tory administration.

Tories Snub Mitcham

The first negative impact of the new Tory minority administration will be felt by Mitcham residents, following the withdrawal of Grainger Trust plc from the redevelopment of Mitcham town centre.

Labour Councillors are convinced that Grainger have pulled out as a result of the luke-warm approach to the redevelopment by the Tory minority administration.

It is believed that the Tories have reviewed the plans for Mitcham and are proposing to go back to the drawing board in order to install more private housing at the expense of affordable housing; less space for community use; and less retail units.

With Grainger pulling out, this leaves Cantor and Asda, the other members of the consortium, without a partner. The Tory minority administration will now have to begin the search for another partner and this will take months, if not years, to put in place.

Commenting on the appalling news that the Tories are reviewing the agreed plans for Mitcham, Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Stephen Alambritis said: “This is a real slap in the face for local people. We undertook full consultation with the original plans which were very much supported by local residents and now we see a situation where there has been no consultation whatsoever with either local Councillors or the residents of Mitcham.”

Cllr. Alambritis continued: “My big worry is that if Asda and Cantor also now pull out, then we may be in the realms of compulsory purchase orders being issued which can take years.”

Cllr Alambritis added; “There is an obvious trend in this new administration being very mealy mouthed about positive developments that were on the stocks just before the local elections. Mitcham residents were looking forward to taking advantage of more affordable housing in the area. But now – if the Tories get their way – the private housing that they intend to put in place will be well out of the reach of Mitcham’s residents.”


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