Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Within my ward Pollards Hill, mini-motorbikes have been causing considerable problems with kids riding them on the road and causing a nuisance to local residents. . On a number of occasions, I have had to contact the local neighborhood policing team about the matter. Constituents have also made representations to me on the matter about the nuisance (especially the noise) and the wilful neglect of many towards safety.

In recent years, the number of mini motor bikes in my area has surged like it has nationally. The vast majority are only meant to be used on private property unless they are properly insured, taxed and a valid licence held (you can count the number that reach that criteria on one hand). The vast majority in my area are ridden by kids, some no older then 11 or 12 years; along with the safety issue to local residents, many are also causing a danger to themselves by the tricks they get up to on the bikes.

Within Pollards Hill bikes have already been crushed, warnings have also been issued to parents about the behaviour of their offspring. I welcome the Government initiative announced today, it is a shame Merton is not one of the pilot areas. Anti-social behaviour as caused by many of these riders is unacceptable and I am glad the Government is taking action. Hopefully funds will spread to Pollards Hill and help us crack down further on mini-motorbikes.

I enclose below the article from the BBC website on the annoucement from John Reid. I also enclose another article about mini-motorbikes on the BBC website.


Blogger John said...

Heh Heh. Some twit rode one onto our commuter train last night and then got miffed that the driver wouldn't move the train til he got off again. Driving off down the platform in a sulk looks silly enough, but doing it with your knees round your ears makes you look even sillier.

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