Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Merton Council branding

At Scrutiny tonight we lost the vote about having the Conservative manifesto slogan 'Putting you first' emblazoned across Merton Council headed paper. Naturally disappointed at not succeeding in getting the cabinet to re-consider the decision, but plenty of self-justification from the Merton Council leader David Williams about putting political slogans on Merton headed paper. It was clear that little consideration has gone into evaluating alternatives other then slogans that appeared in the Merton Conservative manifesto. I felt sorry for the officers who had to justify the decision about adopting 'Putting you first' as the Council strapline fresh from the Conservative election manifesto. Not that the Tories will be putting many people in Mitcham and Pollards Hill first, putting you last would have been more appropriate for this side of the Borough. Still for those who live in Wimbledon, the phrase is ideal given that 90% of their Councillors live in and represent Wimbledon wards.

On another note, Cllr David Williams claimed tonight that the Conservative Party political press release with the Merton Council logo has been removed from the Wimbledon Conservative party website and that it was a mistake. Well I checked the website tonight when I got back in and what did I find? Yes, you guessed right the offending item was still on the website. Obviously, Cllr David Williams has been unsuccessful in getting the offending article removed.

Holding the minority Tory administration to account will continue, remember David 60% of the Borough did not vote for you at the election and you only hold 50% of the seats and without the casting vote at full council in the event of it being 30 all. We are all minority parties in Merton!

Interesting times lie ahead, Merton Council is usually pretty quiet during August but this blog has no intention of going into hibernation over the next month.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to all the Merton Council officers who serviced and attended the meeting tonight; our officers do a fantastic job and tonight was no exception. As Chair of the Panel their assistance and support is invaluable. This was the first meeting with the newly adopted call-in arrangements, it is a big improvement over the old call-in system even if the outcome was not to my liking.


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