Thursday, August 17, 2006

A level results

This year has again seen record A Level results along with a record number of A grades. This has been a continuance of an upwards trend that started in the early eighties. For all the students who have achieved these results, congratulations should be the order of the day. Many have worked extremely hard to achieve their grades and I know from experience what a relief it was to get my own A level results and to find out that I had got into the university of my choice.

If you are reading this and have not got the required grades to get into your first choice university, do not give up if you are confident and determined enough you will eventually succeed. Many other options are available and whilst you may be disappointed, other opportunities will exist.

As is usual on the day that the A Level results have been published, we have the usual suspect brigade consisting of the right wing press and so called educational experts who are stating “that the exams have got easier and that standards have been declining.” I believe that this is hearsay, many students know that as standards are getting higher, along with the requirement to get higher grades, they know they have to work that bit harder to achieve. Instead of knocking their achievements, students should be praised for their efforts.


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