Thursday, August 24, 2006

GCSE Results in Merton

The results for Merton secondary schools have now been published in full and I enclose the results below. The overall average for 5 A-C passes in Merton has risen from 47.1% to 48%, still way below the national average and one of the lower figures in London.

Ursuline 5 A-C GCSE's has risen from 72% to 78.4% (Catholic girls)
Wimbledon College 5 A-c GCSE's has risen from 69% to 72% (Catholic boys)
Ricards Lodge 5 A-C GCSE's from 57% to 61% (Girls Comp)
Bishopsford 5 A-C GCSE's has risen from 21% to 28% (Mixed Comp)
Mitcham Vale 5 A-C GCSE's has risen from 19% to 22% (Mixed Comp)
Tamworth Manor 5 A-C GCSE's has remained at 31% (Mixed Comp)
Rutlish (John Major's old school!) 5A-C GCSE's has gone down from 48% to 40% (Boys Comp)
Raynes Park 5 A-C GCSE's has gone down from 52% to 44% (Mixed Comp)

All in all a mixed set of results, the then Labour controlled Merton Council has been fully vindicated in making both Mitcham Vale and Tamworth Manor academy schools, as they clearly needed to improve despite advancement that has taken place in both schools over the past two years, the results are still way below the national average which this year hit 57.1%.

With only 30% of students in Mitcham and Morden getting the basic 5 A-Cs, improvement was essential as clearly the status-quo as advocated by some was not working. The opening in September of St Marks Academy replacing Mitcham Vale and Harris Academy replacing Tamworth Manor, will significantly I believe improve results and opportunities along with giving both schools a new ethos. A new chapter will open on September 11th for both schools and it is something I look forward as driving up educational attainment in my own ward Pollards Hill and the Mitcham area is essential.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But will the new Academies still allow the influx of pupils from other boroughs who have been excluded from their own borough's schools? Until that problem has been addressed the poor results will continue. And Mitcham parents will still be reluctant to send their children to these schools. Do you anticipate that the schools will impose some sort of bar on these excluded pupils?

5:14 pm  
Blogger Alcuin Bramerton said...

Well, yes, Merton has done badly again, let's be honest. But we cannot fairly blame these GSCE results on Tony Blair's lust for warmongering in Iraq.

7:11 pm  
Blogger Martin Whelton said...

The number of excluded pupils coming to both schools was small (in single figures). This reason cannot in all due respect can be used as a major contributory factor to the overall performance of both schools. In terms of barring excluded students, it is something that would be difficult to implement if places existed and circumstances to why a person was excluded can be different. If both schools are full then this problem will not emerge and I believe that numbers wanting to attend both schools will rise considerably next year.

10:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the number of excluded pupils does not have to be large for there to be an adverse effect on the atmosphere in a school. A disruptive minority will always spoil it for the majority - NF activists are, thank goodness, in a minority but they do poison the community. The question must surely be "why, if other boroughs have excluded a pupil, is Merton obliged to accept that pupil?" - Doesn't Merton also have an exclusion policy? If so, why is it not applied to those pupils excluded by other boroughs? It does not seem fair to pupils and parents in Mitcham if we are powerless to prevent unruly and/or disruptive elements.

9:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


What an awful set of results. The independent Wimbledon High and Kings both achieve 100%. If School vouchers were available, Wimbledon College, Ursuline and Rickards Lodge wouldn't need to import students from other Boroughs.

Time to let the parents off the doctrinal leash and give them what they need. It certainly isn't Blairite academies.

6:07 pm  

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