Saturday, August 26, 2006

Darrell Hair

When I heard the story about Darrell Hair, I was shocked and flabbergasted at his offer to resign in return for $500, ooo (£265,000). While Darrell Hair was now doubt suffering the consequences of being in the limelight, his reaction in offering his resignation in return for $500, ooo (£265,000) has to cast serious doubts on his judgement as a cricket umpire and it will no doubt bring to an end his test cricket-umpiring career.

With this new information now in the public arena, it has to cast considerable doubt on the ball tampering allegations that are currently before the ICC. I had doubts about it last week, and clearly the allegations can now have little credibility in the light of the information on Darrell Hair. Maybe he knew he had made a mistake and wanted a way out.

The sooner this sorry saga is brought to an end, the better. It does no good for the reputation of cricket.


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