Friday, August 11, 2006

Community Reassurance Brief

I have posted a message from Chief Supt Dobson about the ongoing investigation by the Metropolitan Police Anti-terrorsit branch.


You will all be aware of the on going criminal counter terrorism investigation being led by the Metropolitan Police Anti-terrorist Branch. Over 20 people have been arrested in this investigation so far.

We have had a major success, it is becoming harder for terrorist to operate in the UK and all our operations are based on 'Public Safety' first and foremost.

The national threat assessment has been raised to Critical. This means that the UK as a whole is anticipating imminent terrorist attacks. This is a precautionary measure; we are doing everything possible to disrupt any further terrorist activity. This will mean major disruption at all UK airports.

I would like to reassure those that live in, work and visit Merton that the police and Community representatives are working together to try and reduce the fear that many people in the community may feel. As far as possible I want people to go about their business as normal. The arrests in London have been in East London.

This is a criminal matter, not a faith matter. Police will robustly deal with any people who seek to victimise or intimidate others. Our Community Safety Unit continues to take positive action in relation to all forms of hate crime.

Whilst some Merton staff have been deployed to London pressure points such as Heathrow Airport, my Safer Neighbourhood Teams remain on the wards policing their local residents. Business continues as usual.

There are many sources of advice on websites and in libraries such as M15 Security Service anti-terrorist advise and businesses may wish to review their security guidelines in future days. There is also a 24 hour Community Safety Hotline 0800 028 2390.

The criminal investigation focused on intelligence, which suggested there was a plot to blow up transatlantic passenger aircraft, in flight. If you have information about terrorism, talk to you Safer Neighbourhood Teams directly or call the anti terrorist hotline (0800 789 321). For warnings about possible bombs or immediate threats dial 999. Anonymous information can be passed to police on Crime stoppers tel. 0800 555 111.


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