Thursday, August 17, 2006

Appointment as an IDeA member peer

I received the news earlier today of my appointment as an IDeA member peer. I am naturally very pleased at the news as it did involve having to attend an assessment centre on Tuesday and undertaking a number of tasks relating to the competencies required for being a peer.

The role of the IDeA is as an improvement and development agency for local government that works in partnership with all councils, to enhance the performance of the best, accelerate the speed of improvement of the rest, and develop further local government.

Over the whole country, the IDeA undertakes a number of peer reviews, which is to help council’s asses their current achievements and to identify those areas in which they are doing well and those areas where they could improve. With authorities been assessed under Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) each year, it is used by many authorities to asses progress.

A review involves both members and officers visiting an authority and are usually weeklong visits, the members used come from all political parties. This new role will be a challenge if asked to undertake a review, but I believe it will contribute to my development as a member and utilise what I have learned in my four years as a councillor.

I have enclosed an article from the Chair of the IDeA Cllr Ian Swithenbank about the role of a member peer.


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