Sunday, July 16, 2006

Search on Mitcham Common for Egeli Rasta

Over the last few days, a search has been ongoing on Mitcham Common( most of which is within my Council ward of Polllards Hill) for Egeli Rasta an Estonian living in Clay Avenue, Mitcham. This search has included a Police helicpoter and a large number of Police officers, this evening it was the lead story on ITV London Tonight.

I understand that tonight, a body has been sadly discovered on Mitcham Common, it has not been confirmed whether it is the body of missing person Egeli Rasta. I understand a post mortem and formal identification is to take place shortly.

Can I take this opportunity of thanking the work of all those involved in the search for what has been a long operation. Mitcham Common because of the amount of scrub land is not the easiest place to conduct a search, and the work that has been undetaken has been painstakingly carried out. I would also like to extend my deepest sympathy and condolences to the bereaved.

I have attached the link to the BBC website.


Blogger Meeri said...

I wonder what is going on in murderers' criminal mind... They see a beautiful girl running in the park and suddenly they decide that it's killing time!!! Hopefully the accused will be found guilty and get a life sentence although, unfortunately, it won't bring the girl back.

4:28 am  

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