Saturday, July 01, 2006

A new star is born

Andrew Murray really needs to be congratulated on his magnificent victory against Andy Roddick in straight sets at Wimbledon. This is really a considerable achievement and it seems we have a new star in the making. The coverage has been overshadowed by the latest England football disaster but this is a brilliant result and I hope he goes on and wins Wimbledon. We need some tennis success now that Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski are fading stars.


Blogger snowflake5 said...

It's also good as it means all the Scottish-bashing has suddenly ceased - nothing like success to concentrate minds on the benefits of Union!

The Tory blogs are all suddenly nice about Murray. Hope it lasts, hope he manages to get to the finals!

Viva Caledonia! ;-)

9:58 am  

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