Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mauresmo wins Wimbledon

Congratulations have to go to Amelie Mauresmo on being the first French woman to win Wimbledon since 1925. For many years she has been on the tennis circuit and until recently had enjoyed relatively little success, always seeming to fall at the semi-final stage. Her performance today was testimony to the serve and volley game and was a good match. With France in the World Final tomorrow it might be a double triumph for France this weekend. I also heard that she practiced at the British ambassador to France grass tennis court, which apparently is the only one in Paris.

Tomorrow sees the Mens Final and I am predicting that Rafal Nadal will win, ok Roger Federer it the hot favourite, but I believe the courts are playing slower and this has to be Nadal's favour. The form of Federer has been awesome but Nadal has a 6-1 record over him and psychological advantage after beating him in French Open Final.


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