Sunday, July 09, 2006

Italy win the World Cup

Well tonight saw Italy win the World Cup for the fourth time and this time they got it right on penalties. In the final, France played the better football especially in the second half and in extra time. The match however was marred by the sending off of Zinedine Zidane, he was an absolute idiot in a moment of madness and in his last ever match. Zidane has been one of the greatest footballers ever but I am afraid people will remember that incident rather the some of the great performances he put on as a player.

The Italian team of 2006 was no vintage side, certainly not a touch on their great 82 side who I can still remember as seven year old winning the World Cup in 1982 with the great Paolo Rossi. However, in this World Cup defensively they were always very tight at the back conceding only two goals the whole tournament, one of which was a penalty. I believe better sides were in the World Cup but it is not always the best sides that come out tops.

Looking back at the World Cup, it is a shame England put in such an abject performances as they could and should have done a great deal better. Thankfully, Sven has gone but it has unfortunately been another tournament flop for England.


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