Sunday, July 30, 2006

Good night and good luck

A very fitting post as it is the last one I intend to write before hitting the sac.

Anyway I finally got round tonight to watching on DVD Good Night and Good Luck which stars George Clooney and David Straithairn, I had hoped to see the film at the cinema but due to various pressures from the election and Council activities I never managed to fit it in

The film overall gave a very good insight into the tactics of Senator Mc Carthy, along with his anti-communist which hunts in the fifties which lead to many false accusations against individuals and groups. The work of the journalist Ed Murrow played brilliantly by David Straithairn played a crucial part in his eventual downfall despite being accused of being a closet communist by Mc Carthy. Although it was pretty short in length, it got to the point and as a film gave an accurate portrayal of events that happened relating to the investigation of government workers accused of having links with communist organisations.

I also watched The Weather Man starring Nick Cage and Michael Caine. The film was about a Chicago weatherman called Dave Spritz who while having a well-paid job as a weatherman has a pretty screwed up personal life. His father Robert Sprtizel is a successful writer and does not have a good relationship with his son and sees him as a bit of a failure. In the film it also details Dave Spritz dysfunctional relationship with this estranged wife and children who have a number of problems. On a number of occasions he has various food and drink items thrown at him in the street, which adds to the humour in the film. At the end he lands a top job as a weatherman in New York. Overall I found the film to be pretty good and Nick Cage put in a great performance as Dave Spritz, it also showed that while things may look good on the outside, issues existed behind the scenes and everything it not always how it seems.

I would recommend both films.


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