Thursday, July 06, 2006

Comic Davidson declared bankrupt

Well it seems that prominent right wing Tory Jim Davidson has not paid a £1.4 Million tax bill(or more like tax avoiding) and has been declared bankrupt. I must admit that I will not be losing any sleep over this announcement. Thankfully he has cleared off our television screens and gone off too Dubai, no doubt to get away from the taxman(or hide his money)

I got the below description of Jim Davidson off the website and his comments sums up what a right wing bigot Jim Davidson really is and why we should be gald that he has left our shores. Indeed until quite recently he used to do a turn at their party conference and was a regular on the rubber chicken circuit for the tories. Though with Cameron's modernisation agenda he has probably been discarded(or at least we think). Still as a bankrupt he cannot become an MP which has to be a relief as talk existed one time of him joining the tory ranks in the House of Commons.

Jim Davidson is the classic celebra-tory.
Like many, he threatened to leave Britain in 1997 if Labour won the election.
He finally emigrated to Dubai in 2004, telling Des O’Conner…
“I could change my religion to Muslim and have four wives. Mind you I’d have four mothers-in-law if I did that.”

See what he did there? We can’t help but wonder how he feels about living with, ahem, Johnny Foreigner, but there you go.
Bewilderingly, he was made an OBE for his charity work in 2000.
Two years later he addressed the Conservative Party conference on defence policy, explaining:
“I don’t yet know exactly what I’m going to say, but I reckon it will be controversial stuff.”
Just like Sinderella, we presume. He was clearly the right man for the job - after all, he’d donated £5,000 to Iain Duncan-Smith’s leadership campaign.
Davidson is notably absent from the current Tory campaign, suggesting that their PR people have seen sense.


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