Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup is here!

Well it is here at last, the greatest feast in the football calendar arrives again and I cannot wait. News is very good about Wayne Rooney and it seems that I was wrong in my prediction that he would not play in the world cup, is it a lucky omen for England?

First match against Paraguay tomorrow and hopefully they will get off to a flying start though England never seems to play their best in the first World Cup game.

Who is going to win?
Would love to say England but it will probably not happen. You cannot bet much against Brazil but I have a feeling that serial underperformers Spain may perform and are not bad odds at 16-1 and are worth a punt. They have a great team; it is just a question of performing. You can never rule out Germany especially on home soil but this team really is over the hill and success is unlikely.


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