Monday, June 05, 2006

Walk the Line and Keeping Mum

Watched Walk the Line on DVD last night, the bio pic about Johnny Cash. I have to admit to never really having listened to Johnny Cash music(though he was one of the most succesful recording acts of all time), but I have to say the film was fantastic especially his long love affair with June Carter who eventually agrees to be his wife when he proposes to her on stage at a concert in Canada. The film also shows Johnny Cash long battle against drink and drugs which at one stage leads to him going to prison and is responsible for the break up of his first marriage. I have to say it was one of the best films I have watched in ages, Reese Witherspoon deserved her best actress award in the Oscars for playing June Carter and Joaquin Phoenix played the part of Johnny Cash very well. I would recommend watching the film.

I also watched Keeping Mum starring Rowan Atkinson, Kirstin Thomas, Patrick Swayze and Maggie Smith, not the greatest film ever made but it has a few laughs along the way especially Maggie Smith who plays serial killer Grace Hawkins who it turns out in the film to be the mother of Gloria Goodfellow. Rowan Atkinson played the part of Rev Goodfellow well and had a few Mr Bean type performaces along the way, pefectly suited for the role.

Due to Grace being incarcerated for killing her first husband when she discovered he was having an affair (she dismembered the body), Gloria never knew who her mother actually as she had been taken away for her. In the film, Gloria and her daughter find out that she killed her lover Lance when he is discovered to be a dirty pervert, in the film Grace also manages to kill off a barking dog and his annoying owner. I felt the ending could have been better and felt they could have had more when it was announced that the lake was to be drained(where the bodies had been dumped). All in all though not too bad but not a touch on Walk the Line.

A relaxing way to end the weekend, though I had difficulty getting to sleep after watching two film in one night.


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