Saturday, June 03, 2006

The last few days and today

I have finally got round to updating the blog.

On June 1st I became an employee of UCU as the amalgamation between NATFHE and AUT came into effect. Nothing much has changed yet apart from new headed paper. At work the ongoing HE pay dispute is the main issue at the moment with still no resoulution in sight.

Spent last night at a party in Clapham, slightly hungover today but had a great time. Hearing cheesy tracks like Duran Duran from the eighties brought back many memories from school disco days, hard to believe it was over twenty years ago. Had various comments on the blog from others including Jeremy about editing postings. Yes, I know it is needed and editing various postings is one of my priority tasks for the weekend as many postings had been written on spur of the moment along with some I wrote very late at night.

Today sees the final World Cup warm match against Jamaica, should be an easy England win though they said the same thing when they played Northern Ireland and look what happened. The news about Wayne Rooney kicking a football is slightly more hopeful though I stand by my prediction made on this blog over a month ago that he will play no part in the World Cup, though for England's sake I hope I am proven wrong.

The Derby is also on later and have posted my tip, despite have lived most of my life quite close to Epsom I have only ever been to the Derby once and that was somewhere on the Downs which was free of charge.

Seems we are at last having a glorious June, should keep quiet all those work colleagues who only a few days ago wanted heaters at work. I hope it lasts????


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