Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Garden Prmary School and Road Safety

Tonight I attended a meeting in my ward Pollards Hill about parking outside Garden Primary School. Recently this has been causing huge problems in terms of the safety of school children and potential accidents from people parking on zig zag lines. Along with the school, the police and local residents, we agreed an action plan on tackling the issue which will include talking to parents who park on the lines telling them of the dangers of their actions to school kids. The school is also going to increase publicity on school fences by running a competition amongst pupils to have a road safety poster. They are also likely to investigate further safer routes to schools including encouraging parents to walk. As somebody who used to walk to school when I was in Primary school (and it was nearly a mile away!) this is very welcoming, some parents drive their kids only a few hundred metres to school. I know many parents worry about the safety of their kids but the amount of problems that the school run causes is considerable when many of these journeys could be undertaken on foot.

I was also told that in the past some parents have been abusive about the matter when told by the school that their actions were dangerous, I found it quite shocking that some parents can be so irresponsible about these matters and put the safety of kids at jeopardy. Hopefully people will be more sensible about he matter.

I have also advised as a local council our parking team to keep a watch on the situation and take enforcement action against people who park on zig zig lines. At the meeting we also had two members of the School Council present from year 4 and year 6, it was great to hear them give their views on the matter and that the school actively engages with kids and asks for their views, I found this very welcoming.


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