Thursday, June 15, 2006

England leave it late

Well I thought that the match was heading towards 0-0 until robot dancer gets the equaliser after missing some clangers earlier in the game, he really should have put them away. England did not play well at all, some of the passing was terrible and Owen really does seem to be out of form. At least in the next match we can maybe give Theo Walcott a run out now that we are through to the second stage.

The positive news is the return of Rooney a month ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of predicting his return, he did not play great but given a bit of match fitness and he should be ok. In terms of other players Lampard really does need to improve his shots on goal, they went all over the place, maybe passing it to a forward would not go amiss. In terms of defence we had too mnay lapses and Ashley Cole did not play well. And what can I say about Steven Gerrard, another brilliant goal not quite cup final standard but a few more of those would not go amiss.

Next time round please score earlier as if it had been 0-0 I would have been much vitriolic in my comments. Anyway we are through to the next round were we will face Germany or Ecuador, we need though to up another gear as we will not get away with a performance like that against a top side.


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