Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another lamentable performance

Ok England topped the group but despite leading twice, we only drew 2-2. The defence can only be categorised as dreadful, at sixes and fours. England now has Ecuador in the next round, they should beat them but in all honesty, I cannot see much hope for them beyond that. A turnaround of huge proportions is needed and in all honesty I believe they will bow out when they meet a bid side like Argentina or Holland there likely opponents in the Quarter Finals.

Owen looks out for the rest of the World Cup and Rooney sadly lacks match fitness at the moment, I felt sorry for him as clearly he is not at top form and the showed his frustration after being substituted. Anyway, these are my thoughts after tonight’s performance and it not looking optimistic. Gerrard again scored a great goal and as usual delivered the goods.


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