Saturday, June 17, 2006

100 Blog postings

The landmark 100-blog postings have been reached, I started this blog off as a bit of fun in late March and it is still going three months later. The last three months have been an enthralling time, so much has happened and so much upheaval.

The blog will continue, I can assure you. Exposing the failures and contradictions of Merton minority Tory administration will also continue to be a major part of this blog. Also included will be information on Pollards Hill as at the end of the day I am the ward councillor for that ward and it is the part of my work as a councillor that is most important.

However the blog will continue to have a variety of other information on other stuff, I do have a life outside of Merton Council and I do not want to bore everyone rigid with politics the whole time.


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