Thursday, May 11, 2006

Middlesbro,Merton and Nanny McPhee

Middlesbro had a pretty poor showing last night and ended up being hammered 4-0 by Seville. Nevertheless it was a great achievement getting to the UEFA Cup Final. Next week sees Arsenal in the Champions League Final, hopefully they will win. In other footie news it seems the Tottenham players did not suffer food poisoning but a virus.

In terms of politics, it has now been confirmed that we will have a minority Tory council in Merton, always sad to lose power after sixteen years but I have now doubt our day will come again in Merton and hopefully we will take back power in 2010. The Merton Labour group will be closely watching the Tories and will hold them to account at every opportunity. Despite losing power last Thursday morale is pretty good in the Labour group and we have some excellent new members elected who will be a great asset to the Labour party in Merton.

Last night for the first time in weeks I sat down and watched a DVD, this time Nanny Mc Phee. The film was not the best I have ever seen but is starred Emma Thompson who played Nanny Mc Phee and Colin Firth(Mr Browne), both played their parts extremely well though the storyline was a bit disjointed. The kids who starrd in the film did however provide some great entertainment and some comical moments, especially the part when then the got Aunt Adelaide(played fantastically by Anglea Lansbury) to think that Evangeline was related to her. At the end Evangeline marries Mr Brown and Aunt Adeliade finds out she was nothing after all to her and had been fooled.


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