Sunday, May 21, 2006

Film Reviews/Da Vinci Code

Tonight I watched the film Domino starring Kiera Knightley and Mickey Rooney. Apart from the ending at Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas and the shoot out, the rest of the film was tedious to say the least and I can see now why it was panned and flopped when it was out at the cinema. Kiera Knightly is a great actress but this film was a complete turkey and is one that she will not be remembered for.

I also watched Cheaper by the Dozen 2 this morning (my way of chilling out on a Sunday morning), I have to say I found it great entertainment and Steve Martin and Eugene Levy who play their parts of Tom Baker and Jimmy Murtagh brilliantly, likewise Bonnie Hunt who plays the part of Kate Baker. With so many kids involved(the Bakers have 12 and the Murtaghs 8) and with them up to all kinds of pranks and stunts it provides so brilliant moments especially the part when the Baker’s have dinner at the Murtuagh's (the new rich family with a big country house with all mod cons) and the dog run amok and ruins the dinner. Likewise the scene at the country club which Johnny Murtagh owns, when the two Baker twins fireworks go off and end up blowing up the Murtagh’s boat causing scenes of mayhem. While it will not win Oscars it made me laugh. The film also shows the importance of family and like in the first one it shows our the Bakers and their 12 kids bond as a unit and are there for each other, it is poignant at the end when the daughter Nora gives birth and they are all around.

I also hope to watch the Da Vinci Code sometime this week, having read the book I have to see the film even though I know it has been panned by the critics, hopefully it will prove better then the reviews as I have been waiting months for it to come out. Not the Vatican's favourite film!


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