Saturday, May 20, 2006


Eurovision is on TV tonight, despite saying I will not watch it, I always seem to switch on and see if it can be any worse then last year. The fun part of the night is always the voting and the politics that come to the fore, i.e. Greece giving 12 points to Cyprus and vice versa.

Some of the countries entries are so diabolical, the Lithunia one was 'We are the Eurovision winner' and as for the Finnish entry frankly shows Eurovision at it's worst, they obviously were taking the extreme p*** when they put this up and their attempt at heavy metal mainly consists of screaming loudly. The only entry that was half reasonable was Ireland. The vast majority of the entries are as usual complete dross. I find it hard to believe that any country can take this contest seriously, only Abba has enjoyed any sustained success on the back of Eurovision.

Still millions tune in to watch this tact filled rubbish and Terry Wogan commentary does add some entertainment to proceedings. The Eurovision is really cult TV and has lasted 50 years so it will probably stay around for years to come.

The UK as usual are guranteed not do too well, though that is not surprising given the rubbish we usually submit, this year proved no exception. Daz Kennedy enjoy your moment of fame as you will not be heard of again unless like Javine a few years ago you score nul points!


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