Friday, May 05, 2006

Election Result

Managed to hold my Council Seat and this time topped the poll. Turnout was significantly higher then last time in the ward, my actual vote significantly increased by over 300 votes and I polled 1351 votes. Zenia and Richard also got elected along with me so I have two new colleagues for the next four years, both of them are younger then me and the councillors average must be one of the lowest in London.

Longthornton the key marginal and the neighbouring ward to Pollards Hill, we had a significant swing in our favour and a much increased majority. Yesterday was hard work, a long day that went by in a flash followed by a long night.

The more unfortunate news is that we lost control of Merton Council after sixteen years, thankfully the Tories failed to gain an overall majority(as was been widely predicted in the media) and we have a Council with no overall majority, should be a fun four years. The result in Merton was one of the best for Labour in London.


Blogger Elizabeth Boyle said...

Hi Martin

Well done on getting re-elected and topping the pole! I also have a blog spot now! I just opened one so i could leave a message for you, i'm not really sure what to put on it, you'll have to give me some tips! Talk soon Liz, x

5:11 pm  

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