Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back from Blackpool & Da Vinci Code

After a long weekend in Blackpool, I got back yesterday exhausted and very tired. Drive down was pretty good and managed to do it in 41/2 hours, which was pretty good going.

Today was a day off work (and I needed it!) and after having a long lye in got round to doing some Council stuff and meeting with Director of Corporate Services about my new role as Chair of Way we Work Panel.

Late afternoon I went to the cinema and watched the Da Vinci Code. I managed to get in just before the film started and thankfully managed to miss the trailers, which always go on for ages. Not a bad movie but not the best I have ever seen, the ending did drag on a bit as well and as for the plot even by film standards it was a bit far fetched (especially the Holy grail and the Mary Magdalene part). Having read the book I pretty much knew how it would progress though it did jog my memory in parts, as it is nearly a year since I read the book.

This evening I did some shopping and watched the England match, a pretty good performance lets hope they do as well when the play in the World Cup. Congratulations on Theo Walcott on his full England debut and becoming the youngest ever player to debut, I am sure it will be the first of many caps.
Back to work in the morning for the last ever day of NATFHE before we amalgamate with the AUT to form UCU on Thursday.


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