Saturday, April 15, 2006

Shopping at Tesco's

Decided tonight to do a shopping trip to the Tesco Extra store, with being so busy recently it is has been difficult to get the time. What did amaze me is the amount of no food items, more and more supermarkets are turning into department stores, with Tesco been a huge retail giant with multi billion pound profits this can only continue. My worry is for the small businessman, competing against the might of Tesco's will become increasingly difficult given their buying power, prices and having everything under one roof. Small businesses have an important part ot play in the economy. While I do find them convenient this fact should be borne in mind given that their ever increasing share of the retail market.

The things I really did want to buy, an Ipod unfortunately they did not have the one I wanted, and that retail purchase will have to wait for another day(or more likely an internet purchase!).


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