Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mike Baldwin

Well I managed to see the repeat of Friday's Coronation Street and the demise of Mike Baldwin. I have been a fan of Coronation Street since I was a kid, indeed it was one of the first programmes I remember watching, Monday and Wednesday at 7.30(now three more episodes a week!) was always Coronation Street time. In more recent times it has become more difficult to watch it due to other commitments (usually Merton Council) but I try to watch it when I can.

Anyway I have to say that Mike Baldwin has been one of the all time great characters of Coronation Street, a rascal, a wide boy, a Casanova, devious, manipulative are many of the descriptions that can be applied to Mike Baldwin but over the years he has provided some great moments. I even remember as an eight year remember well the Ken, Deidre, Mike love triangle and Deidre staying with Ken.

He will be character sadly missed but he has provided some great moments over the years and Johnny Briggs the actor who plays Mike Baldwin is a fantastic actor. Hard to believe we will see no more.


Blogger RichardWilliams said...

Hi Martin
thanks for your comment. Hope that all is going well in Merton and best of luck to you and my namesake!


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Blogger Glenda said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Izzy said...

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