Saturday, April 08, 2006

Long day over!

Sitting here wacked out (Double canvasssing session!), 26 days to go till DDay arrives. Most interesting part of today was being told that if you are selling gas, electricity to get lost(he thought I was one of those) though to myself this guy will be against but it turned out he was strong Labour and supporting us, just shows that first impressions do not always count. Another event was having to phone 999(I had let the neighbourhood policing team mobile number in doors) when a groups of younsters were racing on motorbike races down a road and filiming it on mobiles, very dangerous and bearing in mind the potential danger to pedestrians I felt it was necessary as they could have killed someone through their irresponsible actions.

In the last seven days I have been out for eight canvass sessions, I must be glutton for punishment still it will be worth it if we hold control on May 4th.

Oh and both horses fell in the Grand National!!! they say betting is a mug's game and they are probably right, £6 down as a result. I have to say the Grand National at Aintree is a great spectacle to watch though I have only once had the winner in the race.

All in all another eventful day!!!


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