Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Italian Election, who won???

Well it looks like the Italian election has ended in stalemate with no one seemingly the winner. Apparently it is less then a tenth of a percent separates out the right and the left. Of course I would like to see the back of Berlusconi in Italy; it just beggars belief that he ever got elected in the first place given the various allegations that surround him and his acolytes. Along with changing laws to benefit himself and his interests along with corruption allegations, it is amazing how he has lasted so long in power.

Italy is beautiful country with fantastic food, but in terms of government it is pretty much ungovernable. A country where governments come and go at will with instability and bureaucracy a fundamental part of the system.

Economically as a nation it is in decline, unlike other countries like UK, USA, Germany it has not made the reforms needed and it has an economy that has failed to adapt to the realities of a global economy.

A book I would recommend reading is The Dark Heart of Italy by Tobias Jones which gives a great insight into the country, its government, legal system, business, culture and sport. A very complicated nation!


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