Saturday, April 22, 2006

A great day!!

Well apart from Liverpool winning today (which was the best part of the day), the campaign to win Merton on May 4th goes on. From 11 this morning until 5 I was about in my area, first in the key ward of Longthornton (where I happen to live) and this afternoon in my own ward Pollards Hill. Got rid of plenty of posters today and had a great amount of help, reaction pretty positive all-round and my team felt pretty upbeat about the election. With only 12 days to go between now and Election Day, it will be all systems go between now and May 4th. The weather has also taken a turn for the better, got a bit sun burnt. That will teach me to put suntan lotion on, a great contrast to the freezing days of a few weeks ago and the depths of winter just a few months ago.


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