Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Full Council Meeting

We had the last full Council meeting at Merton tonight before the election on May 4th. The usual knockaround stuff and most of it quite good fun(though I am sure the public would be switched off). In the public gallery we had some trainee journalists(some of us thought they were Tory candidates but some were just a bit too young), many of us thought how did they manage to sit through this and stay awake.

The only speech I made was on the Controlled Drinking Zone(an idea that I got introduced to the Borough as Chair of Licensing) and I had to rush into the Council chamber just before the item was called and as I got to my seat it came up, waffled on for a minute, the Mayor Judy Saunders clearly knew I was waffling and giving me a look that you are basically passing time. I thought for a second I was on the wrong agenda item but I was right. Anyway sent her a note afterwards about my speech and letting her know the football score as well(she is a big football fan and supports West Ham). Anyway we finished up an hour early which was just as well(straight off for a stiff drink!), my mind is on election stuff and I wanted to catch the end of the football and congratulations to Arsenal on their result tonight. They have a great chance of getting to the final now and lets hope the beat Villareal in the semi final.


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