Saturday, April 01, 2006

An eventful few days

Well I have got around at last to updating my blog, have meant to for the past few days but my computer at home has been playing up(IT problems the vain on my life) coupled with work and campaigning commitments this has got ignored. Still better late then ever!

Locally things are going well, was out for over three hours today on the doorstep in my ward Pollards Hill, response was pretty good and the vote is holding steady. Many I spoke to are also very happy with the Council, we do have issues that arise but by and large the public seem to think we are doing a good job.

This evening I had the pleasure of having to call the RAC out. My car is forever playing up and just before I was due to go to a birthday meal for my nephew Toby who is 4 on Monday at the Windmill restaurant/pub in my ward (the only one!), the car would not start. Thankfully the car was outside my house so I waited till after the meal(which I got a lift to there and back) and waited till I got back home before calling them out, it seemed that a battery wire had burned out. Thankfully the RAC guy managed to fix it, a hassle I could have done without!!!

Also had a letter confirming my nomination as a candidate, just over four weeks now to go!!


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