Friday, April 14, 2006

Churches Together in Pollards Hill

One of the unique things representing Pollards Hill is the sheer number of people involved with local churches. In Pollards Hill alone we have three churches along with four other groups who have services in either the Community centre of the youth centre. In recent years considerable growth in churches has grown in this area mainly due to the growth in the Black African community many of whom are deeply religious.

At lunchtime today I went along to the Churches together service in Pollards Hill, which involved all the Christian churches. Over 150 were outside in the pouring rain despite the atrocious weather, remembering Good Friday and the death of Jesus on the cross. Being there also brought home the diversity of the local community with many different cultures together reflecting on the importance of this day.

Although I am not the most religious person (I am Catholic in case you are wondering), I do believe religion is important and that it teaches us a set of values, which are important to how we live our lives. While Pope Benedict would not be my ideal pope and I have much disagreement on Catholic church policy, nevertheless I recognise the important part that religion plays in people’s lives and it is something that does have a place in society.


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