Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Campaign trail

Feel it hard to believe it is only Wednesday night as since the last time I updated the blog, I have been out on the campaign trail four times. Response I find is pretty good, in an area last night that I thought might be more challenging and not our strongest area, the response from the punters was very encouraging, lets hope they all come out and vote on May 4th. The next few days have no let up in the campaign trail, every day until Sunday I have campaigning lined up.

Still it should all be worth if leads to Labour being in power for another four years in Merton. The response on the doorsteps is far better then four years ago, I do not know where all this pessimism about our chances is coming from about Labour performance on May 4th, it does not seem to be the case in my opinion. Some are speculating that we will lose Merton on May 4th, we are fighters here not quitters and we will come up trumps.


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