Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pollards Hill mosaic

Today I attended the unveiling of a mosaic at Pollards Hill Community centre which was attended by the Local MP Siobhain Mc Donagh and Deputy Mayor of Merton, Peter Southgate. This was an initiative that involved many different organisation’s in Pollards Hill including the Community Centre which I chair, the Commonside Trust, Merton Adult Education and MOAT housing(the housing was stock transferred from the Council a few years ago) who also provided funding and support. Pollards Hill is a very diverse community and a number of different communities exist, it really is a mirror image of London and is something to welcome. Even in the four years I have been a councilor I have seen the area becoming more diverse.

All in all the day was a great success and went very well, credit really needs to be given to the people who organised the event some of which was organised in the space of a few days. I am very lucky in my area to have a number of different groups prepared to link up which helps create a sense of community.


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