Friday, March 24, 2006

Mitcham Area Forum

Well last night I Chaired the Mitcham Area Forum. This is a forum that takes place about four times a year and I have chaired it for the last two years. Last night it was in my own ward Pollards Hill. In order to increase attendance, I had circualted information about the fourm throughout Pollards Hill, but even with all this publicity if you take out all the politicos (and that was about half the audience including my tory opponents) we had about 25 ordinary members of the public in attendance. Various issues did arise and after I got home, I had to log a number of issues that did come up. The forum only lasted an hour and was generally not too bad, some people were even complimentary about the Council.

From having organised various public meetings in the area, attendance has varied considerably I have had over 150 at one meeting and it was very heated. Attendance usually depends on the issue.

Afterwards, I met up with one of my fellow candidates Zenia and got the nomination forms. This is something I will have to do over the weekend. Still it is only for three candidates, back in 1998 I was election agent for 56 candidates and I can tell you this is a lot less work. Still they have to be right and we need get the papers back to our agent next week.


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