Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Meetings and Arsenal!!

Well we are nearly midway through another week and we are now just over five weeks away from the Merton Council election. Spent a great deal of time this week ringing members up and getting their help, we have a pretty active ward with many committed activists.

Spent last night at a school governors then a Way we work panel(finance and corporate services panel in layperson's speak) Felt pretty exhausted to be honest, a long day followed by two meetings has been par for the course over the last four years, work is also pretty hectic at the moment which does not help.

Afterwards relaxed in the Bar with my colleagues John and Nick to watch the end of Arsenal V Juventus and my congratulations goes to Arsenal on an excellent win. Working in London, I have many friends and colleagues who are avid Arsenal fans and I feel very pleased that they stuck one over on the Italians last night. Although a Liverpool fan, I do like to see English teams do well in Europe. They should get through to the semi final and it may be just their year in Europe as it has never been their strongest forte, but then again for the first time in years they have no chance of winning the Premiership so the pressure is off on that score.

Back on the campaign trail again tonight!!


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