Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Al-Fayed and Diana

The inquest into Diana's death is becoming more of a farce by the day. Although it's great for filling up column inches in the tabloids and providing even great riches for the many lawyers' engaged on this inquest, it has effectively descended into a farce with today's completely absurd allegations by Al-Fayed along with Paul Burrell seemingly having admitted to committing perjury.

Whatever one may think about the Royal Family, do they really think that Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Tony Blair and members of her family conspired with the security service to kill her off? No evidence exists whatsoever exists to back this absurd claim up.

This inquest is a total waste of money and the verdict is inevitable. The death of Diana happened over 10 years ago, it's in the past, it’s time to move on and close the book on this tragic incident. No doubt it will be labelled 'a conspiracy' by Al-Fayed, I sympathise with him on the loss of his son Dodi, but what has subsequently happened is a complete failure by him to accept that fact that the driver of the car was drunk and was one of the main contributors to Diana’s death.


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