Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Travellers off at last

Finally and after four weeks the travellers on Mitcham Common have finally departed. This has been a long drawn out process which has consumed a vast amount of councillor time along with causing inconvenience to the residents' enjoyment of the Common caused by their encampment on Watneys Road. I have no doubt this could have resolved a great deal earlier if the will had existed but there you go - better late then never.

In terms of the barrier the Council are in the process of replacing the barrier that was broken, concrete bollards have been installed as an interim measure.

The downside is that they've now seemingly moved onto the Mitcham Golf Club car park which is in Cricket Green ward - hopefully they'll be gone a great deal quicker then the time it took them to leave Mitcham Common.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

off already - i.e. next morning

3:13 pm  

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