Thursday, December 14, 2006

Death of Diana

It is with a forlorn hope that we can now put aside the whole conspiracy theories behind the death of Diana. This was a tragic accident in the middle of Paris caused by a driver high on drink and drugs. I really do hope that we can move away from all these conspiracy theories and put the matter to rest.

Of course, the matter is not helped by Mohammad Al-Fayed who thinks it was all a conspiracy organised by the British security services and Prince Philip. It was unfortunate that Diana ever got caught up with the Al Fayed's given their track record. Although not the biggest fan of the Royal family, I do not think they would have organised the death of Diana to clear the way for Charles to marry Camilla.

With next year being the 10th anniversary of Diana's death, we will no doubt have the papers full of stories with no doubt more conspiracy theories, like the death of JFK it will probably never go away. The Daily Express which seems to have had an obsession with Diana will probably continue to pump out the latest far-fetched story on Diana and Paul Burrell will probably feel the need to try and cash in again on his relationship with Diana.

I hope that she can now be left to rest in peace and that people accept it as a tragic accident.


Blogger redtown said...

Bottom line of all the forensic evidence: a drunk driver was driving over 60 mph in a 30 mph zone and crashed into a pillar. The drunk driver was a longtime employee of the Fayed family.  End of discussion. No assassin on a grassy knoll, no Prince Philip hit squad, no alien abductions.

What Lord Stevens couldn't investigate was how Diana's mental illness contributed to her own demise. Indeed, she suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder, according to mental health experts.

While the "people's princess" remains the icon of superficial popular culture, the Royal family knew a very different, darker character behind the facades of glamour and pseudo-compassion.

Both Diana and her brother, Charles Spencer, suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder caused by their mother's abandoning them as young children.  A google search reveals that Diana is considered a case study in BPD by mental health professionals. BPD frequently causes unstable and risky behavior.

For Charles Spencer, BPD meant insatiable sexual promiscuity (his wife was divorcing him at the time of Diana's death). For Diana, BPD meant intense insecurity and insatiable need for attention and affection which even the best husband could never fulfill. 

Clinically, it's clear that the Royal family did not cause her "problems". Rather, Diana brought her multiple issues into the marriage, and the Royal family was hapless to deal with them.

Her illness, untreated, sowed the seeds of her fast and unstable lifestyle, and sadly, her tragic fate.

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